Today, I got a taste of what a job looks like when someone absolutely hates what they do.  

This morning we had to wake up at the alarming hour of 7 AM. Not only did we have to catch a flight, but we also had to get all of the antique goods we bought down to FedEx to get them shipped. We were already tired and very much over waiting in long lines when we got to security screening. Thats when, Mr. I Clearly Hate My Job made himself known. As I was waiting in line I watched him insult, demean and patronize every passenger going through the TSA line. While I was loading my own bag into the bin, he was overly pushy and rude, and made it quite clear that he had better places to be (most likely his bed, but don’t we all). That morning I was left with an icky feeling, wondering how this man was choosing to be non-life giving. Instead of spreading joy, he made the choice to un-unspire every person that passed by him.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and HOPE he was just having a bad day, but seriously dude. Check yo self. 

Go out, get inspired, get a job you love and encourage those around you to do the same. 

Till tomorrow, 


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