For those of you who don’t know, I have extremely curly hair. What does curly hair in-tale? First, it means endless supplies of conditioner (seriously, I have like 5 different bottles in my shower). Second – it means that there is absolutely no relationship between me and a hair brush. It will leave you with a major fro and even more trust issues. Believe me and steer clear. 

In high school I deliberately blow dried and straightened my hair every morning. You could only imagine the horror that brought to my curly, bleached hair. By the time I was 18 I had short hair with dead ends that needed serious love. With frequent haircuts and staying far away from straighteners and curlers, my hair and I eventually got on speaking terms again. Since then, I’ve been down to try anything that would bring a little bit of moisture to my not-so-pretty frizz. 

Last night I tried something that I thought had no purpose out of the kitchen and I LOVED it! There are no words for how excited I am and I had to share!

What’s is it? Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How to use? Apply generous amounts to dry hair. Start at your roots and work your way down. I put on a shower cap and slept through the night with mine on and then shampooed and conditioned in the morning.

For fellow curly-cues and basically every person with hair, this is a must try. It is now permanently in my hair routine. 

Till tomorrow,


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