I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a camping person. My parents were never the “lets pack up the car and go camping” type. My mom would rather opt for a nice hotel and not have to deal with the rock hard tent floor or the massive amounts of mosquito bites. So seeing as I’m not a veteran camper, I really had no idea what a proper camping experience requires. 

My bestie and I headed off this morning with two cups, two pillows and a cheese knife. Our trip to the camp site was a short 2 hours but it was filled with countless sing-a-longs, catch up, and figuring out what kind of cheese we will with eat with our baguette (we seriously love cheese). 

Its safe to say that after one long and hot night, we were real excited to get back to a cozy bed. 

Stay tuned for a VLOG by my amazing bff, Annie. Also check out her youtube channel!

Till tomorrow, 


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