In the past few months I’ve been to two events hosted by the The Lab; one for calligraphy and the other for weaving. Both have been challenging in the best way possible. There motto is Connect, Create, Collaborate. Its a perfect way to sum up what happens in this awesome space. The Lab is a workshop in Minneapolis that provides the best atmosphere for all creative things. I’ve never weaved or done calligraphy but each event inspires new beginnings. 

What I love about, The Lab is that you can go in not knowing anything about what you’re taking and walk out with a new creative passion. I think there’s a special gift in starting with absolutely nothing and finishing with something you created, especially when you’re at a table surrounded by people who are ready to inspire you. 

There’s a calligraphy class coming up on May, 18 and I think you should be there!

Till tomorrow,

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