I went to bed thinking about this bowl, fell asleep dreaming of this bowl and woke up in the morning needing this bowl. They call this the “Peach Bum”. The name is oh so fitting and it’s the best acai bowl I’ve ever had (some say i’m easily pleased). 

Pros to acai – Acai has been known to promote heart health, boost energy, improve skin and is down right tasty.

* You can find freezable packages of acai at your local grocery store or get it in powdered form to add to your smoothies.

Cons – Absolutely none. 


I spent my morning bopping around to a few of my stores like Wright’s, Finders Keep Hers and Rolling Hills Flower Mart. At Rolling Hills I picked up one of my favorite brand of candles called Rewind. I’m really into Cabernet and Pinot Noir atm but they are always bringing in new candles so every time I go in there I find a new fav.



I thing I love most about Manhattan Beach is that you can walk everywhere. This fun beach town is filled with all the goods. From delicious restaurants to under stated boutiques and with so much left to explore I know it can only get better!

Till tomorrow,

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