Strawberries are in season and I’ve been eating them by the dozens for the past few weeks. This morning when I opened up the container, I saw one huge berry mixed in with baby berries. This unnaturally large berry got me thinking about something that I had just heard.

A women in their late 60’s recently told me that if there was one piece of advice they could give millennials it would be to, “never stop wanting to learn” (I know this strawberry analogy is a stretch but berr(y) with me.) It’s natural to get into a groove where life is comfortable and the stakes are never too high. We get into rhythms and careers that are so familiar to us, we think it would be reckless to do anything but that. But it’s ok to be uncomfortable with new and unfamiliar things. By stepping out of your box, you allow self-growth and open up a window of opportunities that wasn’t there before.  

Working in a hospital was all this women knew, and at 60 years old she made a big and bold decision to go back to school to be a teacher. She knew that there was still so much to learn in her life time, and it inspired a desire in me to never stop learning.


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