Whenever I tell people I’m in a long distance relationship I get bombarded with the, “how do you do it?” questions. I think I’m so used to it now that I generate the same generic responses, like — “it’s really hard” type of thing. But when I really stop to think about it, even though I immediately want to speak from a place of sadness, there has been amazing self-growth and learning experiences during my time alone. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 years, wowza, and in these past couple of years, we’ve been apart more than we’ve been together (I’m in school, he’s in LA, it’s the worst). It’s hard not having your person there with you through the big life changes and I’m with you, missing your person sucks. But through the years I’ve learned a few things…

Ways to make long distance not totally suck –

Growth – Being away from someone you love is never easy, but it’s also an opportunity for you both to grow individually. Take advantage of that time. Focus on things that make you happy and go down any path that peeks your interest. 

Trust – Giving your significant other space isn’t a bad thing. I know it’s hard not to be hyper focused on them at all times, but with trust comes freedom

Future Plans – Making plans for the next time you see each other is something that has become really helpful for me. The excitement leading up to a trip is always the best.

Most importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff. In the big picture, it never usually matters anyways. 

Special thanks to my boy, H. <3 

Till tomorrow, 

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