Today I got pulled over. Not for speeding, like I had always imagined. But for a more anti-climatic reason. Expired tabs. Now to most, not a big deal. To me, a big deal. The first time being pulled over, kind of deal.

Let me break it down for you. While driving to school today I got pulled over for expired tabs, no biggie, right? But as I was handing over my insurance and drivers license, I glanced down and saw that my insurance, now in the police officers hands, had expired 4/27/17. To save you the math, that was 4 days ago. At this point I was saying cya later to my day, expecting to be police escorted to the station. 1. for having a Canadian drivers license 2. for expired insurance 3. for expired TABS. The add to the ant-climaticness of this all, I was handed a neatly folded citation (fancy word for warning) and sent on my way. Takeaways from today?

Check your tabs. 

Check your insurance.

Till tomorrow,

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