Hellooo Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, Starr In The City!

I’m a Canadian girl who fell in love with an American boy. The story goes like this…Hammer played hockey in my hometown of Penticton, BC and after high school I decided to step out of my comfort zone and spend a year in Minnesota. Not only did I fall in love with the boy, I ended up falling in love with Minneapolis. My first week in Minnesota, I signed up for Power Vinyasa Yoga Training. Yoga turned out to be my love language and I can often be found on my mat-sweating, breathing and making space for all that is available.

Through yoga, I tapped into the possibility of an endless love and appreciation for my body, which I take care of with food, workouts and living a happy life. Hammer lives in LA, but don’t worry, thankfully I get to see my Amercian boy often.

When I’m back in the land of “Minnesota nice,” you can find me at the yoga studio or day-dreaming about my lunch (seriously, I dream about food.) I decided to make this blog to share my adventures, finds, loves and daily inspirations.

I love fashion, like A LOT!! Anything classic paired with something trendy is great, but it’s timelessness that is KEY! You can usually find me lounging in Vintage Levis and a basic Tee.

Workouts I can’t live without are running, yoga, weight training and a good ol’ fashion walk to clear the head. As far as food goes, lets just say it depends on my mood, but the basics are healthy smoothies, salads that fill you up and of course yummy treats!

I love visiting the coasts, whether I’m in New York City or Los Angeles and I can’t wait to share the things that shine bright from all my favorites cities. So enough about me, Let’s ready, set, BLOG!

Never stop searching for the bright things…XO

7 thoughts on “READY, SET, BLOG!”

  1. I love you and this! such a wonderful beautiful souls who continues to grow and inspire every day!

  2. Wait a tick. Detected a new twinkle in the galaxy. Will keep tracking this one. Shine on Starr. Love you.

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